Bedale allotments

DTMS Group have been successful tenderers for an exciting opportunity to re-develop one of the oldest allotments in the UK.

Bedale Allotments recently headlined in local newspapers due to the landlord, the Church of England, wanting to sell off the 1.5 acre site to developers.  After a petition signed by local residents from the Allotment association, an agreement was met to donate half of the site to the association with investment to improve the site, and make the smaller space more workable.

Initially, this consisted of site clearance followed by re-profiling and the importing of topsoil to improve levels and the quality of the plots.

DTMS have installed rabbit proof boundary fences to separate the allotments from the development land.

New turfed pathways with ​turf reinforcement to make the plots accessible from all sides.  A turfed level parking area with ground protection grid to stop rutting. 

A purpose built railway sleeper manure store to allow deliveries of local manure for the use on the allotments.

John Burton - Chairman, Bedale Allotments Society Ltd
On behalf of our members, thank you very much for the excellent job which you have done for us in, the re landscaping of our reduced allotment site. We were impressed with your efficient and professional approach right from our request for a first visit to provide an estimate. You had the ability to commit to start the work on the date which we required and to provide sufficient resources to ensure it would be completed in a timely manner. We are now looking forward to the start of next gardening season when we can get our new plots established! You exceeded all our expectations. Thank you all very much. John Burton Chairman, Bedale Allotments Society Ltd