It is the aim of the DTMS Group to achieve clear and definite standards of ethical behaviour throughout all areas of business. We take responsibility for creating wider benefits both within and around our business and endeavour to make our impact a positive one, which improves the lives of others and reduces the risk of harm to people and the environment.

Business Conduct
As a business we focus on maintaining a strong and competent service, treating clients as mutual partners and working with sub-contractors, suppliers and our workforce fairly and ethically. The DTMS Group reputation dictates a high level of quality, robust management systems and safe working environments. It is our goal to safely complete all projects on time, within budget and to the required quality. We operate a quality management system that is fully compliant with ISO 9001 and an environmental standard ISO 14001 which is linked to the group business strategy and key performance indicators (KPIs).

Supply Chain Management

The DTMS Group only employ suppliers and sub-contractors whose ethics and values are aligned to that of our own. We will maintain strong working relationships and standards by consistently meeting agreed payment terms and evaluating services provided. Early novation of each project management team, suppliers and sub-contractors guarantees clients that we operate with a common goal and a shared vision from the onset.

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Client Satisfaction
Through excellent planning, employing quality people, and a commitment to innovation and value engineering we understand, meet and exceed the needs and expectation of our clients and stakeholders. A dedicated after care team will ensure all clients are supported at the time of practical completion and beyond.

Safety, Health and Environment (SHE)
We are committed to planning and executing all operations in a manner that safeguards the health, welfare and safety of all employees, supply-chain clients, the public and end users. The DTMS Group advocate a behavioural safety and employee engagement approach to SHE. A change in safety culture through training seminars and incentive schemes results in every employee becoming responsible for SHE in the workplace. At all levels of the business to guarantee safety is our highest priority and strive to become an ‘injury free workplace’.

Environmental Impact
The DTMS Group will continue to look at reducing the impact we have on the environment as a result of our operations. Through innovation and proactive attitude to waste and energy reduction we will continue to recycle between 80% and 90% of waste and annually reduce our carbon emissions.

We strive toward finding new opportunities to work with clients and specialists in their respective fields who share their attitudes towards pioneering and sustainable projects within the relevant sectors in which the DTMS Group operate.

Training and Development

The DTMS Group recognise that people are our most valuable asset and their performance is the key to the quality of service we provide. Through investing in our recruitment, training and development of employees we will retain the best possible talent. We adopt best 
practice in HR and training and aim to be an employer of choice.

Community Engagement

We are fully committed to adding value to the communities within which we work. Being a good neighbour means we actively interact with community groups and support educational initiatives. We foster local business relationships through sourcing local labour, equipment and materials where possible and will continue to champion community engagement throughout the industry. We are immensely proud to actively support local charities.