Event Traffic Management

Managing event traffic is vital to ensure safe access to any event whether it’s a parade, sports event or county show. From applying for a Temporary Traffic Regulation (TTRO) to making advance warning signs and specific diversion signs, the DTMS Group is hugely experienced in all aspects of road closures and diversions.

Events traffic management

We’ll make sure disruption is kept to a minimum, visitors to the area are safe and everyone leaves in a controlled and safe manner at the end.

Sign Printing
As part of our traffic management services we can supply you with advance warning signs and special signs for road closures and diversions. These are the standard-use yellow background signs with black writing that can be seen on most highways.

All our signs are created in compliance with the TSRGD regulation, specifying letter size and reflective material. We can handle most sizes from 1050x750 to 2500x2000 and do reflector signs for Class RA2 (30 mph+) and RA1 (30 mph or less) roads. We can also make bespoke signs for events.

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