Giant Hogweed Control

Giant Hogweed

Our teams have been out on sites controlling Giant Hogweed as in the last few months clients are a lot more aware of it, now that the plants are in their floweringstage and are approaching full height.

Giant Hogweed tends to flower between June-July in its fourth year from germination.  At flowering stage it grows up to 5 metres tall.  The seed heads of one plant can carry up to a staggering 80,000 seeds.

With Giant Hogweed being so toxic, it is vital that our operators wear personal protective equipment (PPE) to ensure no sap makes contact with their skin or eyes.  The seed heads are then carefully removed and contained in impermeable bags.  Then the rest of the plant is dismantled and removed.

Over the course of the next few months and years we recommend a herbicide treatment, in the area of the infestation so that any further germinating plants are controlled.

If you would like any further information or advice please get in touch or for more information on the dangers of giant hogweed please see our blog.