Graffiti Removal

 Smudge Graffiti

Graffiti is an anti social activity, creating a negative impression on an area, which can deter people and businesses.  Areas with graffiti are usually more prone to other anti social behaviour offences such as littering and vandalism.

Local residents can feel unsafe and extremely offensive graffiti can cause upset and contribute to people’s fear of crime.

Our specialist team use various methods to remove graffiti depending on the surface that it has been applied to.  Using high pressure water, steam and specialist removal gels, we can remove the graffiti from most hard surfaces.

Whilst every effort is taken to ensure complete removal of graffiti, we cannot guarantee this due to difficulties in removing some permanent substances.  In these circumstances, the graffiti is painted out.

If the graffiti is under a subway we usually recommend that the whole subway is painted.  This not only covers the graffiti, but revitalises the subway making it cleaner, feel safe and feel free of crime.

 Graffiti removal

Subway painting is carried out using our specialist airless painting system, which can quickly and effectively cover large areas usually in one coat.

Depending on the clients specification, we can either apply a one coat blank canvass or a full anti graffiti system which future graffiti can be removed from.

Whether you are a local authority, business or private landowner, we have the experience and the expertise to manage every aspect of your environmental management plans. Contact us today for further details of our complete range of services.