High Grantley Highway Re-opened

 Overgrown Highway

A road which has been over grown for many years has been re-open by DTMS Group.

The road between Low and High Grantley, had become in-accessible to vehicles over the last decade.  Pedestrians and the odd brave mountain biker struggled to travel the waterlogged, over grown road.

 Grantley Highway

DTMS hold the role of caretaker for Sawley, Grantley, Skelding and Eavestone parish council, and were asked if there was any way that they could make the road accessible.

Within budget, the DTMS Group team cleared back and removed the vegetation, cleaned off the encroached debris from the tarmac to regain the full width of the carriageway.

Traffic can now safely flow between the two villages, without the worry to damage to vehicles.