Soft Landscaping

Our landscape team is dedicated to making your organisation look good. Whether it’s soft landscaping like cultivation, clearance or maintenance or hard landscaping such as footpath construction, fencing or weed control, our highly skilled team can transform your outdoor space.

We can transform the appearance of any outdoor space. With years of experience working for clients in both public and private sectors, our landscaping team can clear, plant and maintain all plants, grasses and herbaceous shrubs to give you an area to be proud of.

Our full range of soft landscaping services incudes:

Landscape maintenance including grass cutting, strimming, hedge cutting, tree pruning, weed control, maintenance of steep embankments, clearing vegetation over pipelines, and taking care of shrub beds in town centres.   

Cultivation of sports pitches, amenity areas, parks, wild flower meadows, gardens, embankments, shrub beds and woodlands for planting.

Planting trees from whips to specimen trees with watering systems, hedgerows, woodlands, shrub beds, wetland planting, e.g. reed beds and building raised beds that fit naturally within their environment.

Grass and turf laying including cultivation, soil analysis, seed type and local provenance.

Vegetation clearance with specialist machines that allow us to flail vegetation up to 4" in diameter and trained operators in chainsaw and brushcutter for where conditions require a different approach.

Land management including weed control, vegetation clearance, draining and maintenance.

Fertiliser application to lawns, sports pitches, grass and arable land.

For more information please contact Dan Lazenby
01765 620400

Laura Barrand Haigh - Nidderdale AONB Meadow Restoration Project Officer 2013
"I would like to commend DTMS on the service that they have provided in the removal of the Japanese Knotweed at the development. At the outset they provided a very competitive quote, gave clear detail about how the treatment would take place and have always been swift in responding to any queries we had. They have carried out the treatment program as promised and have done a great job – I would have no hesitation in recommending them and would definitely use them for any similar projects in the future."