It’s that time of year again, as the clocks have changed, that we are getting our vehicles ready for winter.

Although the forecast is still mild, it is a good idea to get your vehicle ready for the cold weather, well in advance of it arriving, so that you don’t get caught out.

Our vehicles usually head out to our winter maintenance contracts, very early morning, usually before the roads have been salted and ploughed. It is therefore essential that our vehicles are in tip top condition and ready for action.

Here are some points to check on your vehicle ready for winter.

  • Battery – Batteries usually have a life of around 5 years. If yours is over 5 years, or is showing signs of slow starting, get it tested at your local garage and changed as they lose efficiency in cold weather and could cause a non start!
  • Antifreeze – Check that your coolant mixture of water to antifreeze is correct. You can buy a tester that shows you the concentrate of your coolant, or ask your local garage to test it for you. If you coolant freezes, it could cause irreversible damage to your engine
  • Tyres – All our vehicles get changed onto winter tyres for the winter period. This improves traction in the snow and increases safety. If you are not installing winter tyres check that you have at least 3mm of tread. It also may be worth investing in a pair of tyre socks or snow chains to help you if you live in a remote area
  • Fuel – Always try to keep at least ¼ of a tank of fuel in the tank. There is nothing worse than getting stuck and not being able to keep warm or have enough fuel to follow the diversion of a blocked road
  • Screen Wash – Ensure that your screen wash mixture is 50% water and 50% screen wash to stop it freezing. Not being able to clear the salty spray off your windscreen is not only a inconvenience it is a danger you yourself and other road users
  • Doors- Smearing Vaseline around your rubber door seal will stop your door freezing up
  • Locks – Spray WD 40 into all your locks. This will remove the moisture and stop them freezing

Always remember to give yourself extra time for your journey so that you can take your time. It’s better to get to your location late than not at all!