Bespoke Timber Construction

We can provide various bespoke timber constructed items such as bin/bike stores to your requirements, using locally sourced timber.

Commercial Fencing

DTMS group can offer the supply and installation of a variety of fences. We can fit security style fences such as palisade or weld mesh along with the matching gates. Alternatively, timber fencing including post & rail, stock mesh or knee rail can be installed by our experienced team.

Highway Fencing

Through our ISO 9001 and 14001 accreditations, we have also achieved the National Highway Sector Scheme 2a, fencing. This allows us to install fencing on the highways after being thoroughly audited. Our operatives also hold FISS cards to show their competence.

Wildlife Fencing

DTMS Group have experience in the supply and installation of various types of wildlife fencing. These include deer proof fence, otter proof fence, badger proof fence and newt fence. All these require specialist equipment and skilled installers, which we have at our disposal.

Temporary Fencing

This is generally required when mobilising a new site and supplying a secure compound, or simply demarcating a boundary. It can also include the installation of newt fence prior to construction works. DTMS Group can supply and install fences for any of these purposes, whether it is palisade security fence, timber hoarding, or timber post and wire.