We carry out highway weed spraying contracts for various highway departments in the North of England. It consists of targeting weed growth on the public footways through towns and villages with glyphosate to ensure the areas do not suffer from damaged path surfaces, that they do not become unsightly, and they don’t become potential trip hazards. In addition to the BASIS and BACCS accreditations, we also have National Highway Sector Scheme in 18 & 12d (landscaping & traffic management) to ensure that we are compliant when operating our sprayers on the highway.


The amenity sector covers work in areas of public use. In addition to the highways work, we also carry out weed control in public parks, golf courses, sports fields, schools and colleges. We use quad bikes with towed sprayers to apply selective herbicides to amenity grass areas. This method ensures that there is little impact on the well managed sports surface, but also means slopes and poorly accessed areas can be treated. Whether it is a 12m boom sprayer or a knapsack sprayer that’s needed, we can offer the most suitable equipment for the job.


The low impact equipment that we use for spraying herbicides means that this method is often preferable to the large machines available on farms. Therefore, we can supply spraying services to horse paddocks, grass fields, moorland and set a side land. We use qualified agronomists to advice on the most suitable products for each individual scenario.


Due to the equipment at our disposal and our flexibility to be able to tackle any site, we are able to carry out contracts on various industrial sites needing to stay weed free. These have included oil refineries, steel works and large-scale cable wayleaves for wind farms.