The DTMS Group are experts at keeping people safe in the cold and ice. If you’re a local authority, business owner or have premises that are used by team and members of the public, we can help you fulfil your legal obligation to ensure your building is safe for use by all those who visit it.

Always ready to respond to a footpath gritting emergency, we have a range of equipment to tackle any job, such as our mounted gritters for large areas like car parks. Our smaller pedestrian gritters can create a safe and secure pathway in even the coldest conditions.

For schools and car parks we offer a variety of management plans for winter maintenance. We can monitor weather forecasts on your behalf, ensuring that your site is gritted and/or ploughed before the start of your day. Or you can simply give us a call when you require our services. We can also ensure that your onsite salt bins are kept full for the duration of the bad weather.

Snow Clearance

In times of heavy snowfall we can call on our fleet of equipment ranging from compact tractors with versatile capabilities to tackle confined areas up to large agricultural tractors with three metre ploughs that can clear large areas quickly and effectively.

Salt Spreading

Our range of gritters covers most applications from hand propelled spreaders for paths and walkways to vehicle mounted spreaders that can cover the largest areas quickly.