Site Clearance

Prior to land being developed or enhanced, often there will be a requirement to remove the current low value vegetation. If this requires the removal of trees, shrubs, or scrub, we have the ability to carry this out in a safe and efficient way using the most suitable machinery, by trained and experienced operatives. It may also include the spraying of smaller vegetation which we can apply using a range of spraying equipment and qualified operators.


Any tree removal or pruning that is required can be carried out either mechanically or using manual tree surgery methods. An important part of what we can do as part of our site clearance projects and ongoing tree maintenance.

Grounds Maintenance

We can carry out grounds maintenance duties for sites with established landscapes. This often includes grass cutting, litter picking, hedge cutting, weeding and tree maintenance. This also includes larger contracts we have for regularly cutting of the undergrowth on public rights of way for councils.

Invasive Weeds

DTMS Group have the expertise to control invasive weed species. The main species being Himalayan Balsam, Ragwort, Japanese Knotweed and Giant Hogweed. We generally carry out programmes of control through a combination of herbicidal treatments (stem injection or foliar) and manual removal. The timing of these activities is vital to the success of the control. All arisings are removed to licenced landfill.