Grass & Wildflower Seeding

We have the specialist equipment and experience to cultivate, fertilise, and apply seed to a variety of areas. Our fleet of alpine tractors are perfect for accessing challenging sites to suitably prepare seed beds. We can broadcast the seed using our ATV’s ensuring that there is minimum compaction on the areas and the calibrated equipment ensures that the seed is applied at the required rate.

Tree and Shrub Planting

Ranging from small bare rooted hedge plants to root balled heavy standards, we have the ability to install trees and shrubs to our client’s requirements. Whether it is labour intensive bare root planting with rabbit protection or larger scale tree installation with complex anchoring and watering systems, DTMS Group can fulfil whatever specification is necessary.

Landscape Maintenance

It is vital to follow up any installations with suitable maintenance schedules to ensure the establishment of any soft landscaped areas. This can vary greatly depending on the seeding and planting that has taken place. We can follow specifications or advice on maintenance intervals to give your green spaces the best chance to flourish.