Gabion Baskets

The use of gabion baskets has become a popular method of retaining land on different levels as an alternative to solid brick or concrete. The advantage is that the baskets can be formed into many shapes and sizes to suit specific requirements, filled with various aggregates to match the project . Naturally permeable, they allow water to migrate through avoiding water build up.

Pond Excavation

We have extensive experience in the excavation of ponds for both domestic and commercial clients. These can be clay lined or fitted with a butyl liner depending on the size and application. Desilting is also a service we offer as older ponds tend to amass large amounts of debris over time affecting pond depths and water quality. Re establishing aquatic and marginal plants after such works is a service we can also provide, suggesting suitable species suitable for the location.

Bridge and Walkway Construction

Vital parts of the Rights of Way network, crossing watercourses and connecting up the footpaths. Over many years we have gained vast experience from the installation of various footbridges and raised walkways, allowing the network to be accessible to less abled users.

Site Levelling

It is crucial to establish correct site levels at the early stages of development to ensure the scheme achieves its intended purpose. Whether it be for path and road construction or the establishment of wildflower meadows, DTMS Group can provide the machinery and expertise to realise your project.

Hardcore Surfaces

The use of limestone hardcore is very versatile in providing a long lasting wearing surface to roads, paths, car parks etc. DTMS Group have a vast experience in the construction of hardcore surfaces in many different applications.

Footpath Construction

We have many years of experience in the construction of footpaths. Ranging from Carboniferous limestone through to raised walkways constructed from recycled plastic. We work closely with North Yorkshire County Councils Rights of Way Department in providing new path construction as well as refurbishing existing routes.