Construction Line is the UK’s leading procurement and supply chain management service for the construction industry.

It works by collecting, assessing and monitoring company information to the same standard of pre-qualification questionnaires that are sent out by most organisation when they are tendering for works.

Having suppliers that are already post prequalification stage, all in one place, makes sending out tender more efficient and timely for both suppliers and buyers.
For buyers, it helps them engage with some of the 2,500 organisations that are currently using Construction Line as their procurement choice.

As a company, it is essential that we make ourselves visible to our potential clients, ensuring that we meet their quality and health and safety requirements at the tender stage.   Construction line gives us that opportunity and saves us time filling in multiple pre-tender questionnaires which can be very time consuming.  This then allows us to spend more time on our tender package for the desirable contracts that we receive through various portals.

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