The end of this mild, above average temperatures is due to end at the beginning of next week.

Weather forecasters are predicting that the temperatures will fall below average by the middle of next week as the wind direction changes north westerly.

Unsettled conditions will mean localised heavy showers, which could be wintery over higher ground.  Sleet and snow is also predicted on lower ground in the North.

Winds are likely to increase, becoming gale force causing drifting where snow has fallen.

Predictions for the rest of the month into early December are showing colder, below average conditions with the chance of seeing snow not unlikely.

Some forecasters have predicted a “exceptionally severe” winter with well above average amounts of snowfall and bitterly cold gale force winds causing feet deep drifts.  However forecasting weather patterns more than a week in advance is not too reliable!

For tonight, temperatures will fall to around 2°C – 3°C across Yorkshire, however a mild weekend is expected as it clouds over with blustery showers.