It’s that time of year again when we are planting trees and shrubs again to ensure that they are established before the weather start to warm.

Generally, the planting season is between October to April, not only because bare root and root balled trees and shrubs are only available through these months, but aftercare to ensure growth and establishment is considerably easier.  Any plants not being planted straight away, should be immediately heeled in to protect from frost and stop them drying out.

Although container grown plants can be planted all year round, tree care is easier due to the wetter climate meaning less watering.

Successful and healthy establishment of trees and shrubs can be determined by a number of factors at the planting stage including:

  • Root health
  • Weather conditions
  • Soil condition and nutrients
  • After care

Correct ground and soil preparation is essential

1. Decide where the tree is to be planted.
2. Loosen the soil in a 2 -3 metre circumference around the area of the tree.
3. Add fertiliser, organic material and lime (depending on soil ph)  to this area
4. Dig a hole no deeper than the roots
5. Take plants out of containers or remove fabric wrapping unless otherwise specified
6. Loosen the roots around ball
7. Put the plant in the hole
8. Backfill with removed material, ensuring no air pockets( no need to add extra fertiliser as it prohibits root growth).
9. Firm down gently.

Watering your newly planted trees is essential, especially in well drained soil and in dry winters.

It is important to keep the newly planted trees weed free for at least the first 3 years so restrict completion of water and nutrients.  Vermin protection may be required with or without stakes.

Staking maybe required depending on size of tree and location, wind etc.